Interviews with Saul Landau

Hancock interviews Saul Landau about Cuba

January 31, 2013


Manuel E. Yepe: writes about Saul Landau and “Will the Real Terrorists Please Stand Up”


Saul Landau interviewed Democracy Now


Saul Landau interviewed on Univision “Quieren conseguir que se liberen a cinco cubanos”


Interview with Saul Landau on Zspace about his new film “Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up”


Video of Saul Landau in Question and Answer session at the Vancouver International Film Festival


Saul Landau interview published in the Vancouver Reporter on October 7, 2011,0

Saul Landau interviewed by the BBC about the assassination of Orlando Letelier: the Chilean politician was killed by a bomb in Washington DC, 35 years ago.

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