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Free the six

By Saul Landau What did Cuba do to the United States to merit 53 years of castigation? In 1960, those dirty Caribbean Commies joined the “evil” side in the Cold War – the Soviets, one recalls, offered substantial aid, not threats. But in 1991 the USSR disappeared. So what? Even without the Soviet façade the […]

Washington and Damascus

By Saul Landau Syria has become dangerous. Syrians get killed and wounded almost daily. Their neighbors have also felt the impacts of violence: refugees in Turkey and outbreaks of fighting in Tripoli’s streets in Lebanon where peace depends on a nuanced arrangement between Christians and Sunni and Shia Muslims. Northern Iraqi Kurds share with Syrian […]

Se avecinan las elecciones

Se avecinan las elecciones.

Elections loom

Elections loom.

Elections loom

By Saul Landau New York City’s wealth stands in stark contrast to the countless people begging on its streets. New York is different of course, but not for the 1% who live well across the country; the rest of the population less or far less well. That’s America in 2012, where people have begun to […]

From prison

By Danny Glover and Saul Landau We visited Gerardo Hernandez for the fifth time and, as usual, his spirits seemed higher than ours despite the fact that he resides in a maximum-security federal prison. Gerardo and three other Cuban intelligence agents approach their 14th year of incarceration – each in different federal penitentiaries. Rene Gonzalez, […]

Five decades of inanity – and still going

By Saul Landau In 1991, The Soviet Union disappeared. Washington changed its anti-Cuba rhetoric from Cold War to human rights. But one issue remains: a U.S. economic colony that broke loose in 1959 still refuses to surrender. The “punish Cuba” policy, now 53, has grown gray and became downright inane in the 1980s when Reagan […]