Monthly Archives: April 2012

The last Summit – thank God

By Saul Landau Cuba-Estados UnidosFidel Castro scored one big political victory last week without speaking or even leaving his house – and one sort of amusing little win. By a lopsided score at the Summit of the Americas meeting in Cartagena, Fidel beat President Obama 31-2. The USA and Canada still want to exclude Cuba […]

Get serious about Syria

Wednesday, 18 April 2012 By Saul Landau The Syrian conflict continued to boil – or boil over – when Syrian troops fired across the Turkish border on April 9, apparently killing either fleeing refugees or armed combatants. However, despite continued words of caution from the Pentagon and White House about getting into another messy Middle […]

The CIA and Castro: an Undying Obsession

Brian Latell’s Well-Known Fidel “Secrets” The CIA and Castro: an Undying Obsession by SAUL LANDAU and NELSON P. VALDES “Show me where Stalin’s buried, and I’ll show you a communist plot.” – Edgar Bergen For 53 years exiles from Miami and US officials have tried to assassinate Fidel Castro 638 times, overthrow his revolutionary government, […]

Maximum security prison, turn left after the “Hooters” sign

Wednesday, 11 April 2012 08:28 Danny Glover and Saul Landau By Danny Glover and Saul Landau Highway 15 connects California’s Inland Empire with Las Vegas – accounting for the relative thickness of Saturday morning traffic. So we don’t stare too long at signs advertising Gentleman’s Clubs – showing no gentlemen, but rather attractive young women. […]