Monthly Archives: February 2011

No thought for food

By Saul Landau In upmarket restaurants one wouldn’t know the world is suffering from a food crisis. As I observed young executives and professionals slurping oysters and chasing them with martinis at a downtown San Francisco watering house last month without glancing at the prices of such items, less affluent mortals around the world had […]

Egypt on fire

Wednesday, 09 February 2011 – First published on Progreso Weekly By Saul Landau TV showed seemingly interminable telephoto images of protestors against Mubarak’s dictatorship; then, of his thugs disguised as pro-government protestors. Suggesting chaos? On February 3, the media focused on its own pain: Anderson Cooper got punched; Katie Couric harassed; and camera operators roughed […]

Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up: Review

The blog about Cuba “Along the Malecon” reviewed Saul Landau’s new film “Will the Real Terrorists Please Stand Up”