Monthly Archives: November 2010

The majority’s choice: No one

By Saul Landau Pundits, professional interpreters of events, have awarded the Republicans with a “legislative landslide” in the House, and declared the Democrats “brutally defeated.” Backed by immense and well-organized corporate staffs and spinners (Karl Rove, the Chamber of Commerce and the billionaire Koch brothers for three), House Republican candidates were “swept into office.” The […]

A film offers insight into the American character

By Saul Landau “Stone” takes a hybrid Norman Rockwell-Grant Wood portrait of an aging mid western couple, adds two Quentin Tarantino characters who excel in manipulating and offers a disturbing cinematic slice of real America: repression, religion, lust, violence and escape into seedy mysticism. Young Jack Mabry (Robert de Niro) watches golf on TV, ignoring […]

Another visit with Gerardo Hernandez

Another visit with Gerardo Hernandez Wednesday, 27 October 2010 10:29 Danny Glover y Saul Landau By Danny Glover and Saul Landau We sat in the waiting room with eight other people, all black or Latino, while prison authorities “counted” — presumably — the prisoners. An hour and a half later we went through the “screening” […]